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Steam Sterilizer - 250 Liter

   Manufacturer:-  HANSHIN
   Model:-  HS-5025S
   Origin:-  Germany - Korea


This sterilizer, which has a practical medium sized chamber between large and small sized sterilizer and is very effective to load the volumed loads, uses the saturated vapor as sterilant supplied from the built-in steam generator or external steam supply system. The chamber with jacket is the most sound structurally and the door is sealed firmly by a locking system with radial levers.

Technical Spacifiations:-

Overall Dimension:-

W1,010 x D1,460 x H1,715 mm


STS 316L

Operating Temperature:-

121.0° ~ 135.0°

Chamber Dimenssion:-

W500 x D1,000 x H500 mm

Air Removal

Vacuum / Gravity



Printer :-

Direct Thermal Printing.

Paper Roll :-

W58 x Ø40 mm