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UVENT-A Ventilator

   Manufacturer:-  UTAS
   Model:-  UVENT A or T
   Origin:-  Spain


Uvent-A  with Integrated patonet monitor.
UVENT T high class ventilator for respiratorey support of all ages of patients ( neonate, Child and Adults ) start from ( 0.5Kg to 250Kg ) . With user-friendly touch screen interface in additino to high-end ventilation features combined in UVENT T ventilator gives to clinicians new possibilities during respiratory support in wide range of clinical cases come with integrated patient monitor have ( ECG, SPO2, NIBP, Temp and optional Etco2 ).


⬛  15" LED touch display with swivel joint.   
⬛  Shuttle type encoder and touch screen - convenience in choosing input method.   
⬛  Ergonomic handle to carry device.   
⬛  Trolley on wheels for transporting the ventilator inside the clinic.   
⬛  120 min battery operation.   
⬛  Unlimited lifetime oxygen sensor, which does not require calibration.   
⬛  Automatic changeover between available sources of oxygen and electricity.   
⬛  Operation with any available oxygen source.
⬛  Wide range of communication interfaces for integration into the hospital information system.   
⬛  Workspace ergonomics - basket, patient circuit hanger, medical mounting rail, electric splitter.   


Ventilation Modes:-

⬛  VCV (S)              - Volume controlled ventilation   - Assist/Control.
⬛  PCV (S)              - Pressure controlled ventilation - Assist/Control.
⬛  V-SIMV               - Volume controlled intermittent synchronized mandatory ventilation.
⬛  P-SIMV               - Pressure controlled intermittent synchronized mandatory ventilation.
⬛  BiPPV/APRV      - Bi - level ventilation including airway pressure release ventilation.
⬛  CPAP                  - Continuous positive airway pressure.
⬛  NCPAP                - Nasal Continuous positive airway pressure Neonate.
⬛  NIV                      - Non-nivasive ventilation.    
⬛  PS                       - Pressure support ventilation.    
⬛  PCVT/PSVT       - Guaranteed volume at the lowest possible airway pressure - control or support ventilation.
⬛  APNEA               - Apnea ventilation ( volume or pressure mode ).
⬛  AdVent/ProVent  - Intelligent ventilation modes with adaptive and proportional algorithms aimed to reach respiratory comfot zone.


Additional Features:-

⬛  SIGH - periodic lung inflation.
⬛  circuitInspiratory/Expiratory hold - for respiratory maneuvers and diagnostic procedures.
⬛  Two Automatic Apnea resuming in case of spontaneous breathing spontaneous breathing.
⬛  Nebulization system.
⬛  100% oxygen flush, and automatic suction tool.
⬛  Lung maneuver and diagnostic tools.
⬛  Tracheal tube resistance compoensation.
⬛  Additional pressure monitoring channel ( Pes, Ptr, Pcuff ).
⬛  Initial ventilation settings based on the patient's anthropometric parameters.
⬛  Standby mode.
⬛  Short and full power on self-test.
⬛  Automatic detection and compensation of breathing circuit.
⬛  Visualization and analysis of the patient's respiratory effort.
⬛  Visualization and analysis of the patient's respiratory activity, vital functions and energy metabolism.